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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Notice of end of service.

Hello. Mutant Squad - A battle arena team.

Today, we deliver unfortunate news to the Commanders who enjoyed Mutant Squad.
We have been continuously updating with the interest of the commanders, but it was judged that it would be difficult to provide any more service, so we decided to end the global service.


We made a difficult decision as it was judged that we could not provide satisfactory game service to the commanders with only two people.
We would like to apologize to the commanders who have enjoyed the game so far.


Once again, we sincerely apologize for the service termination, and inform you of the service termination schedule and refund related matters.


[Service end schedule]
Game service end time (server shut down)
31 March 2023 00:00 (UTC)

Stop In-app payments
24 February 2023 03:00 (UTC)

Block downloads
24 February 2023 03:00 (UTC) (subject to change)

[Refund request]
All refund requests will be processed in accordance with the Terms and Conditions for Paid Products that you agreed to at the time of initial purchase.

1. Application period: February 24, 2023 03:00 (UTC) – March 31, 2023 00:00 (UTC)
2. Refund subject to:

  • Unused packages and Heart Gems among products purchased during the service termination period.

  • Unused products within the contract withdrawal period after purchase.

3. Non-refundable:

  • Packages and items obtained from events, quests, purchase bonuses, and Heart Gem are not eligible for refund.

  • In-game currency items are not eligible for refund.

  • Products that have been partially used among purchased in-app products or packages are not eligible for refund.

  • Products that have passed the subscription withdrawal period after purchase are not subject to refund.

[Refund inquiry and reception email]
Please send it to Game > Options > Customer Support or to in the form below.
- Subject: In-app product refund request
- Write contents

  •  User ID: #00000000 (8 digits) (available in Game > Options)

  •  In-game user name: User name (available in Game > Options)

  •  Purchased store: App Store, Google Play Store

  •  Order number: check in payment history

We will inform you of the refund amount and progress for the case received through the refund request e-mail.

Thank you to the Commanders who have loved Mutant Squad all this time.

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