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Rejection of user information analysis and data collection functions for targeted advertising

If you want to limit targeted advertising capabilities, you can do so by restricting ad tracking in your device settings. The collection rejection function can be applied through the function of each device or web browser, and it may take some time to apply this function.

For mobile ads in your app, you can reset the advertising identifier, set opt-out of interest-based ads (Android) or turn on limit ad tracking settings (iOS) depending on your device.


Regarding the display of advertisements on the web, you can adjust your browser settings to limit certain tracking through cookies, or visit the following site to find out.

Please visit and

We also belong to our partner's platform services as data processors. These partners do not use the data for any further purpose, and the opt-out function also affects partners.

Trimindsgame Inc. analyzes our mobile app, website, and other online services with several advertising partners.

These partners use cookies, web beacons and other tracking technologies to collect information or data you provide and the personal information you may claim. For more information about privacy practices and the possibility of opting out of collection, please see Visit the link below.

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Privacy Policy:


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Last Update: 31,July,2020

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